Monday, January 09, 2006

Nike's World Cup Kits?

Floating around the 'net is this pic. Word is that it represents Nike's lineup of World Cup uniforms. It is not known if this a copy of an offical Nike pic or a bootleg. But from what I have heard, the lineup looks to be correct and confirms what I posted a few months ago.

I think that from left to right to would be: Turkey, Croatia, Morocco, Mexico, USA, Portugal, Brasil, Holland, Korea... Nike looks to have worked hard to give each country their own identity instead of the much debated "cookie cutter" look of late.

Also take a close look at the US kit. Note the left sock appears to continue the verticle stripe. This was one of the design ideas that I was told was "being discussed". Also the blue shorts instead of white, and the 'away' top will be the Mexico jersey template, but just in a blue with the horizontal stripe being red.


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