Monday, October 17, 2005

Max von Sydow will coach the Germans

In the hoopla and avalanche of the Nike "Don't Tread On Me" campaign what hasn't been mentioned is what the US Men's National Team kits will look like in Germany.

Have you seen "Victory" (or "Escape to Victory for you Euros)? Yup, it appears that the home strip will be a white shirt and short with a red and blue vertical stripe that goes from shoulder to the bottom of the shirt, and continues down the shorts and socks. The US logo would sit atop the stripe (the pic to the right is a replica of the Allied jerseys from the movie). The away kits will be an all blue affair with the shirt featuring a red horizontal stripe across the chest.

Nike has a current strip that has this reported look. The Juventus away kit, seen here, may give us an idea of the layout.

And, no. Pele will not be suiting up for the American side, but then again, thankfully neither will Sly Stallone.


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