Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You Knew the Job Was Dangerous When You Took It

Not to say, "I told you so," but Bob's firing should have come a surprise to no one. It has been mentioned here a few times that Lalas was calling the personnel shots in Metro-land. When Bob didn't play the guys Alexi brought in you could hear the falling of the axe .

Short list? I think that ESPN's Ives Galarcep usually has it right and you should check out his list. But Frank Yallop is the gleam in everyone's eye.

While Yallop tops Lalas' list his former "Captain for Life", John Harkes, is really working hard behind the scenes for everyone to consider him. Lalas is a loyal guy to his friends so John may have a shot, and that probably rules out Mo Johnston. (note to John: Do NOT do your Jim Carrey imitation or fake Scottish accent in your interview)

Harkes' shot would get much better if Yallop ends up with his other suitor; The Galaxy. Steve Sampson's pants are hot and Landon Donovan is touting his former club coach to help solve LA's woes. Yallop certainly would rather end up in sunny LA than the Meadowlands, but will Hamilton pull the trigger on Sampson? Despite Hamilton's insistence that it was he, not Leiweke, that fired Sigi he will have to eat a lot of crow to part with a coach he brought in last year at the most odd of times.

The Crew have their new "union boss" in Sigi Schimd who not only has informed the USSF of his final work date, but is turning out invitations to other coaches and staff to join him. If you hear a "Sigi is going to the Metros rumor", don't believe it.

The rest of the league? You don't need a "Fire-Coach-Hot seat" analogy to know that Dave Sarachan is not secure. With Bob Bradley on the loose and John Guppy the new Fire GM, the Fire will have to go a long way in the playoffs to keep Dave's job in tact. If the Fire gig comes up there is another name to consider: Peter Nowak. DC United fans might squeal at the idea, but Peter would LOVE to return to Chicago.

For Chivas USA, Hans Westerhof has bigger things to do south of the border and won't be back. But who will Chivas put in his place? Martin Vasquez for his knowledge of the US system? Javier Ledesma? One never knows what Chivas might do.

Who is secure? If your guy's name is not found above, he is likely not going anywhere.


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