Saturday, September 17, 2005

Drama in the Bay

This week some of you may have come across the article in the Mexican paper "Ovaciones" that repeats the Club America claim that they are getting ready to take over the San Jose Earthquakes. According to my sources "close to" the league negotiations, and by "close to" I mean "involved in," the talks are currently stalled. Then again this is not the first time Club America has made such claims. Of course it's also entirely possible that Club American is negotiating directly with AEG and bypassing the MLS offices.

Yet if San Jose is not going somewhere, as the Soccer Silicon Valley people believe, why the hold up out in the Bay? Current Interim President & General Manager Kate McAllister has been interim GM before. It's hard to say if that makes her a legit candidate or not, but she has retained her previous title of Vice President of Business Development. And AEG promised a hire within a month and has not delivered one yet. In addition AEG has never replaced the Quakes' Team Administrator that Lalas took with him to NY, instead he continues to do the admin work for both teams.

So it doesn't matter who you believe really, Club America or the Soccer Silicon Valley people, either way this thing is a mess.


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