Saturday, September 10, 2005

Did You Know: New England Stiffed

Most MLS followers know that New England twice gave up on players and shipped them to Dallas back in 1998 when they sent Oscar Pareja to the Burn for Damian, and again in 1999 when the shipped Ariel Graziani for Leonel Alvarez.

But many of you may not know that The Revs lost a talented player to Dallas, through no fault of their own, back in 1997. Alain Sutter was signed by MLS to go play in New England. But after visiting the city, and finding out how cold it got in Boston, his wife balked at moving there. So Sutter asked MLS to send him to a warm weather team: LA, Dallas, or Tampa.

LA and Tampa already had star attacking mids (Cienfuegos and Valderrama) so Sutter was given to Dallas.

Most people still believe Sutter was given to Dallas to replace Leonel Alvarez, who was sold out of the league after the 1996 season, but in reality, Daniel Peinado replaced Leonel. So as much as Dallas fans like to complain about not getting league help, there is at least one example where Dallas actually got the better end of league manipulation, while New England got the raw end of the deal.


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