Monday, August 15, 2005

Madrid All-Stars

So, how will the MLS honchos handle the balancing act between providing players for the Real Madrid - MLS All-Star match and the actual MLS teams that are in that all important stretch of their league season?

A few MLS observers are telling me that MLS will insist that no more than two players from any given team will be "borrowed" and that teams playing each other will be "balanced" in their losses, at least numerically.

What will make that tough is two teams really feature the players MLS might want to utilize: New England (Twellman, Dempsey, Joseph, Reis, Parkhurst) and Dallas (Ruiz, Johnson, O'Brien, Valakari, Vanney, Garlick). What's more important? Sending your best players for a friendly to the Bernabeu? Or letting your teams field the best 11 in September?


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