Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Which Team

So the MLS "Select" team was not competitive in Madrid. What did MLS, or anyone else for that matter, expect? The lads that went tried hard under very difficult circumstances.

Looking back couldn't have MLS done something else to better represent itself?

Actually, many soccer writers and Big Soccer posters have suggested that MLS should have sent one of their actual teams. Frank Dell'Apa is an example of one of those with that suggestion, and you can read his article here. He makes an excellent point.

The truth is that MLS, in fact, strongly considered this, and actually went to Real Madrid with the proposition of sending one of two MLS teams to represent the league. Real Madrid quickly nixed that idea for reasons that are probably obvious and insisted on a MLS "Select" team. One would have to think a regular MLS squad, or a "team of players" who actually have spent time together, would have had a fighting chance in that scenario.

Another note to come from yesterday's match: Get used to seeing "Pepsi" on soccer stuff. Look for something similar in the coming months. Oh, and couldn't have adidas come up with a better uniform than something I see on the rec fields every weekend?


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