Wednesday, August 17, 2005

There's No Place Like Home.

What is going on with the Wizards? Are you, too, under the impression that the team was being bought and moved? What happened with that?

Is it possible that the one time MLS cup winners will actually remain in KC, with the help of the soccer-fairy himself, Uncle Lamar Hunt?

Consider this: Back in 2002 Lamar almost pulled a Baltimore Colts like move of the Wizards to Rochester. Being the KC loving, grandfatherly type he is, he decided to give it another go, but this time he personally got involved with the season ticket sales. As you know ticket sales shot up and the team stayed.

So in 2004 when Lamar threw on his gold Century 21 jacket and stuck an ad on Ebay (oh, that was someone else) it was assumed that it would happen quickly - hell, Lamar even hinted it wouldn't last long. But now we are in late summer 2005 and I am getting the word that Lamar really wants the team to remain in KC. Is Lamar doing yet another good soccer deed by lining up a buyer for the team that wants to keep the Wizards where they are? An owner who is ready to pull the trigger if the Johnson County stadium plans continue to go in the positive manner I am hearing?


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