Monday, August 22, 2005

Fill in Coach

So, as our little group of "MLS All-Stars" fly off to Madrid to be thrown to the "lions in the coliseum", we all wish them the best knowing that they will play hard and represent MLS as best as a thrown together team can against the most expensive roster in the world.

What was really up in the air was who would coach the team, or actually, who wanted to. Multiple MLS coaches turned the "honor" down before Nicol was chosen/picked/volunteered. It turns out that MLS had a backup plan in case no one wanted to coach the team. Former Mutiny and Metrostar coach Alfonso Mondelo was in line to head the team to the Bernabeu. The spanish-born Mondelo is still traveling with the team as a liaison and assistant coach. He also remains very well liked in US Soccer; don't be surprised if he turns up in the MLS or US Nats coaching circles in the near future.


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