Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Is Bradley the Latest to Catch "Eddie Firmani Disease"?

It appears that the heat on the Metros' coach, Bob Bradley, has turned up. I mentioned that Bob may not be making all of the player decisions these days. Sources around the league confirm that Metros GM, Alexi Lalas, is the one calling around about player moves. As I said back in mid August I thought Bob's seat was the hottest of all the MLS coaches, it is does sound like it is more and more likely he will not be the Metros coach in 2006.

But Bob is well respected in MLS and there is no doubt he will likely have job options. First, is a possible return to Chicago. The Fire's fall out of the Open Cup and .500 record since July 1st now also has Dave Sarachan wondering about his security. Remember, the Fire's new GM is John Guppy who worked under Nick Sakiewicz, that's right, the guy that hired Bradley to the Metros.

The other possibility is that Bradley would be a "slam dunk" if Peter Wilt is successful in his bid to get a MLS team to Milwaukee.


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