Monday, October 31, 2005

2006 MLS Kits

At the risk of becoming MLS fan's best source for fashion information, I wanted to clue you into some pics that came available to me. These are straight out of an official adidas catalog. Are these the final designs? I am not 100% sure, but from all appearances, it seems so. I don't have the space to show you the full pages, but you get the idea.

Some points: adidas is working from three basic templates, but on all of them the company logo is center with the team badge on the right left chest. All now have the team wordmark across the chest, except DC and Chivas. LA loses the sash on the away kit, but Dallas keeps their hoops.

Note that there are San Jose and KC jerseys shown here. Now that probably means little, but at least it shows that there is enough of a chance of the teams remaining in their respective cities to have these drawn up. Also note the Chivas USA kits. Not a lot of difference between the home and away strips and shows that the league certainly values the brand identity of those vertical stripes. They must be retaining the current blue kit as a 3rd jersey, but it is not shown here.

adidas also is planning for a roll out of the 2006 kits in NYC sometime in the near future.

Yes, I have a fetish for soccer kits. I am willing to spend a portion of my time concerning myself with them. So, if you have been enjoying the blog, just get used to more of this in the years to come. It is pure coincidence that my last three posting are about jerseys... Really!


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