Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting Mail is Fun!

More from the mail bag. Brian C asks a three part question:

I heard from a usually reliable source that the league office of MLS will befooting the bills for the Wizards in 2006, NOT Lamar Hunt. Though he will remain the I/O of the team for now.

It is more than likely that MLS is handling the bills for the Wiz(ards) for 2006. Lamar will remain the "I/O" for now, but he remains committed to finding a buyer and he is hopeful that a local investor and stadium deal will get done. That being said, he did not want to continue to fund it.

I've also heard rumours that AEG ignored offers to negotiate the Spartan Stadium deal with Spartan Shops. Reportedly, Spartan Shops was willing to drop the total bill by 30% plus add concession, parking, and merchandising percentages.

AEG did not want to stay without a soccer-specific-stadium and knew that no matter what Spartan Shops brought to the table was not going to make the team profitable. The two sides have been at odds on certain issues for some time and that certainly did not help the situation.

Finally, I heard from a source who is not entirely relieable, that per the sale of DC United to Kevin Payne's group, partial control of any stadium contructed for the team will go to AEG.

Over in DC, AEG has in fact will be given total control of any new stadium, but that is now and there is a lot of ground to be covered before there is a SSS in DC and much can change between now and then.


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