Monday, December 19, 2005

From the Email Bag

We get a lot of email, but most of it is just fluffy love letters. Recently though I got this question:

I heard that Doug Hamilton was promoted to head of AEG Sports. Did he get pushed out from the Galaxy?

Hamilton actually is getting a major job upgrade. Doug will be head bigwig of AEG sports.

In fact, Doug has been mentioned for a while for this gig, and Michael Hitchcock was being groomed to take over the Galaxy GM spot. When Hitchcock took the FC Dallas leadership role, that put Hamilton's promotion up for question.

Now it appears that they have found someone to take Doug's GM spot. Hamilton has won MLS "Exec OTY" the last two years and the Galaxy have certainly been very positive at the gate. While Hitchcock had a lot to do with that Hamilton is highly regarded by Liewieke and AEG.

Unlike Nick S' booting in NYC (to head the stadium effort) as the top cheese of AEG sports Doug will have far-ranging responsibilities within the AEG empire.


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