Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alexi! Let the Camera Love You!

It appears that Alexi Lalas has decided that being the GM of Major League Soccer's most important club (their description, not mine) is not enough to fill his day. Alexi will be appearing in Spike TV's "Joe's vs Pro's" reality TV show.

The show will feature sports icons from different sports including, Tony Dorsett, Clyde Drexler, Dan O'Brien, Misty May, Bill Goldberg and Dave Stewart. These former pros, along with Alexi and Brandi Chastain, will face off with "Joe's" in their respective sports.

The filming is taking place November 6 thru December 17 at the Home Depot Center.

But I wonder how this fits in with the demands of being the General Manager of the Metrostars. Certainly if, in fact, Lalas does want to announce a new Head Coach prior to the MLS Cup (Nov 13th), it appears that he will be tied up with his TV show the weeks prior and after.


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