Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Damn That Itchy Trigger Finger...

As you probably know by now, the "Veron to DC United" move is not happening. After all the drooling over the prospect, Veron himself called the whole thing off claiming that it was the request of his current team that pulled at his heart to stay.

Well, that isn't exactly the whole truth.

According to sources close to Veron, he felt a little smothered by DCU and was not pleased that they had jumped the gun on certain aspects of the proceedings. DCU had leaked that Veron had gotten a visa. That was true, but it wasn't to come stateside to announce his signing, but rather to first come check out the scene, the city, and the facilities.

Veron apparently was not happy that DCU had taken the leap from "his advisers like the deal" to, "so Veron must also like the deal". Just because his handlers were pleased, didn't mean that Veron himself had come to the same conclusion.

So, as DC was trotting out the idea of press conferences and the rumor mill was churning out "the deal is done" material, Veron was standing back and rethinking his situation.