Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rapids Flip (Flop?)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the firing of Colorado Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo appeared to be imminent.

Shockers of all shockers, that will not be happening and no one is more surprised that Clavijo himself.

As mentioned, Clavijo had been given an ultimatum to make the playoffs or lose his gig. He had told close friends around the league as much. As we know, the Rapids failed to make the playoffs and Clavijo sat around waiting for an axe to fall that never did.

Apparently with a single year left on his contract, Kroenke doesn't want to pay out that last year.

This odd decision has left Kroenke and his club with a lame duck coach and a team going in the wrong direction, and everyone knows it. The 2008 season is not looking good for Rapids fans.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fish Getting a New Bowl

It appears the sweepstakes for Carlos Ruiz has begun in earnest.

While in DC at the MLS Cup the word was that if Eddie Johnson does leave KC, the Wizards might be very interested in Carlos' services. But KC likely has competing suitors. Ever since Ruiz left Los Angeles, the team has made inquiries about re-obtaining Carlos and now Lalas is asking again. A third player would be Sigi, who got the best out of Carlos, and he certainly could use him in Columbus.

Monday, November 19, 2007

General Manager Musical Charis

Thankfully that was a MLS Cup match that was "easy on the eye", and while the Revolution have every reason to feel cursed you have to give full credit to Houston. Semantics aside, that is a club that has won four Cups in seven seasons. DC United, long considered the "class of the league" took almost a decade to nab their four trophies. I think we have a new king.

While mingling amongst MLS suits there was a lot of information I heard a lot of info that has already come out, but one issue that I have not seen talked about is where some front office leaders might end up with potential expansion team GM titles.

Peter Wilt, the former Fire GM and current with the Chicago women's team start up is my pick for the St. Louis gig.

Mark Noonan, former MLS marketing fellow, in Queens.

Nick Sakiewicz, that Nick, Philly - since he is already leading the expansion efforts.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Clavijo Out and other Coaching Matters

It's only a matter of time before the first coaching head rolls. It probably will not be a shock, but Clavijo will almost certainly be ousted in Colorado. Over the last several weeks of the season Fernando was telling friends around the league that he would be fired if the Rapids missed the playoffs.

The worst kept secret in soccer finally went down and Frank Yallop is on his way to San Jose. Look for Landon Donovan to be shortly behind him as sharing the limelight with Beckham was not what he had in mind. And if you are a betting man, I wouldn't put any money on Alexi Lalas being around to start the 2008 season in LA.

Meanwhile in Columbus, Hunt Sports Groups has been telling everyone Sigi Schmid is going nowhere.

*UPDATE* - MLS has come to LA's rescue once again. First there was the "Beckham Rule", and now it appears there is a "Landon Rule" too. LA, Dallas and KC have been given exemptions for Landon, Ruiz and Johnson (respectively) that their contracts will not have to count as "Designated Players". Now LA doesn't have to find a way to get a 2nd DP slot. With this in mind it makes the idea of LD leaving a bit harder, but we all know how he feels about Yallop.