Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rapids Flip (Flop?)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the firing of Colorado Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo appeared to be imminent.

Shockers of all shockers, that will not be happening and no one is more surprised that Clavijo himself.

As mentioned, Clavijo had been given an ultimatum to make the playoffs or lose his gig. He had told close friends around the league as much. As we know, the Rapids failed to make the playoffs and Clavijo sat around waiting for an axe to fall that never did.

Apparently with a single year left on his contract, Kroenke doesn't want to pay out that last year.

This odd decision has left Kroenke and his club with a lame duck coach and a team going in the wrong direction, and everyone knows it. The 2008 season is not looking good for Rapids fans.


Blogger Adam said...

Jesus, its good to have you back.

12:53 PM, November 27, 2007  
Blogger Hank said...

What's the buzz about Paul Mariner meeting with Chicago?

2:42 PM, January 07, 2008  

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