Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Like I Mentioned...

...I would chime in when I had good stuff. For those of you that haven't deleted this bookmark and check in just to see if there is anything - well here's what I got from my time hanging at Gold Cup matches.

Many emails came in about rumors of Carlos Ruiz going back to LA. Both Galaxy and Chivas.

Well, it is true that the Galaxy were looking to trade, but it was not for Ruiz. From people I talked to it appears it was Kenny Cooper Jr they were after. With Beckham and Xavier on the way LAG is going to be over the cap. Albright looked to be the player going out, but now with both Cooper and Albright injured, all of this seems a bit moot and may have led to their persuit of Honduran striker Carlos Pavon.

I am hoping to have expansion news very soon. I have some tidbits, but don't want to post anything until I have a full report.

Hope you are enjoying the MLS season. There, more now than ever, are many reasons to be very upbeat and positive about the future of this league. Now, if we can only find a way to not play when it is so damned hot.