Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kit Nerd is on the Case!

So, what's the word on the 2007 MLS jerseys?

The majority of the MLS teams are remaining the same, aside from the slight tweaks here and there. Only two jerseys really need to be discussed: Toronto FC and Colorado Rapids.

Toronto FC is going to wear a home jersey of solid red with a light gray and onyx accent colors and white shorts. The road kit will be light gray with red and onyx as accents and red shorts.

The Colorado Rapids new logo and colors you have seen in the image I previously posted. But I am sure there are some of you antsy about the kits. The home jersey is going to be burgundy (maroon?, claret?) with sky blue accents. Colorado, like Toronto, is also going with white shorts at home. The away uniform for the rapids will be a sky blue shirt/shorts with the burgundy (maroon) as the accent color.

Those of you with fears of the LA Galaxy changing colors to yellow/blue, quit worrying. The Galaxy are essentially the same, as is the rest of the league.


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