Friday, April 21, 2006

When you Spill the Red Bull, it Makes a Mess

Are things ever a confusing mess with the Red Bull New York transition, both on and off the field.

Everyone I talk to within the organization seems to be in the dark. The front office is just a mess of rumor, misinformation and "I don't know". With all of the talk of Coach Mo, rumors were rampant that he was done, then it was, "well if we lose to RSL", and then it's an answer telling me Mo is staying. Some speculation is that Red Bull could not get the man they really want, and so Mo is still there. The name I have heard, but cannot get confirmed is ex-Cosmos star Carlos Alberto.

In the front office is working to put their people in place like the new managing director announced today, and a soon to be hired soccer director. There are other positions to be filled and certainly that makes those already in those spots, a touch nervous.

Over on the field things are equal mess. The French World Cup vet, Dorjkaeff and Amado have just stopped speaking to each other. Guevara has "zoned out" and the common roster player is confused and unsettled. There is also the rumor that the aforementioned french midfielder got wind of Mo's dismissal, he threatened to quit. And they traded for the Haitian internatioal Peguero for Thiago Martins, and for a 1st and 3rd round picks in the 2007 draft. Not exactly a small amount for a player that has made little impact (14 goals in 46 games) and costs you a SI slot. Question: Who made this trade?

No one can report any sort of calm on the horizon. Frankly, I find the whole thing fascinating.

Long standing MLS fans, especially ones that pay attention to such things, will have concern if RBNY decides to (re) introduce a coach or front office personal that are not familiar with the MLS way of things. As far as MLS has come in getting in line with the rest of the soccer world, it still in many, very important ways, is very different. I have to wonder if either RBNY will end up with more frustration, or will RBNY pressure MLS top brass to peek their collective heads out into the world of spending on players (i.e.: the rumored "David Beckham rule") and in turn allow teams like NYRB to acquire name players that might have a decidedly international feel.


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