Monday, April 17, 2006

Tooting My Horn

OK, I work hard to be a modest person, as my mom taught me to be. There are times though where I feel I need to wave my flag and mark my territory.

Please note that this weekend's news that Alexi Lalas is leaving Red Bull to go back to the west coast to take the AEG/Galaxy President's gig is something that I talked about back on March 8th, a full day before the Red Bull deal was even announced. So, I will be wearing a gold star on my forehead today.

The spot obviously has been open and once AEG relized RBNY would actually happen, Lalas shot to the top of Tim Leiweke's list. Despite his support, not everyone else within AEG is convinced that Alexi is up to the task at hand in LA. Being the President of the LA Galaxy is no small deal, remember he is walking into a situation where the team is defending 'The Double' and finished first in attendance. So he is stepping into a gig in a very different place from San Jose or New York. On a side note of thought: How did Sampson and Lalas get along back during Steve's national team days?

It is also important to note that Lalas is not getting this job because of the untimely death of Doug Hamilton. Remember, Hamilton had been promoted as the head of AEG Soccer (something else the NDL faithful will remember I first reported a while back) and they were going to be looking for his replacement and Lalas was always on the top of that list.


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