Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Will Red Bull Fly?

It may not smell so sweet, but like everyone else I heard about Red Bull trying to buy MetroStars, it's been floating around for a few weeks now behind the scene. I went and did some digging at the offices in NY and I would say it is 75/25 that the deal gets to the stage DC was at last year in their purchase agreement (letter of intent, deposit, etc), and that might happen today (Wednesday) as Michael Lewis is reporting. But I would only put it at 50/50 that the deal actually ever goes all the way through.

The snag will be on who gets naming rights, as Red Bull wants stadium naming rights in Harrison. This, specifically the price, could eventually be the deal breaker. Funny how some fans are up in arms about the team name and it's the stadium name that may "save" MetroStars.

Here's my speculation part; is this why AEG has been holding off on naming a new Galaxy General Manager? If AEG sells Metro, Tim Leiweke can then move his golden boy to the Galaxy, who have been GM-less ever since Doug Hamilton got "promoted." Just a theory.


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