Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Masses are Clever Devils

Once again, MLSNet shoots itself in the foot with shoddy webmastering.

To add to a rather lengthy list of episodes where fans dig thru the open files of the MLSNet website only to find information that has yet to be released - yesterday a determined MLS supporter came across the new Houston logo.

It confirms that the team will have "1836" (see, I told you) as their nickname and MLS will finally get an orange team. Unfortunately they stuck it with brown, and we all know "what brown can do for you". Thankfully the larger version of the logo and the PR stuff that goes with it says it's "Raven Black" and "Space City Blue" to go with the "Wildcatter Orange."

The logo is pretty simple and clearly mocks the Astro's current star theme. It also proudly incorporates Texas state hero, and city namesake, Sam Houston on horseback. Ok, I assume that is Sam Houston.

Remember MLSNet has also accidently failed to secure the Miami/Tampa Bay retraction story by posting a new header with only 10 teams, and most recently the failed to hide the picture files of new team jerseys like FC Dallas and Chivas USA.


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