Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well, that was sudden...

Wow. What a turn of events.

Here is what I know. The organization will be called "Red Bull New York", but the actual team will be referred to as the "New York Red Bulls". There won't be a press conference and the speedy nature of this change certainly shows the efficient, get-it-accomplished ability of the Red Bull organization.

While there has been some flapping of the gums by certain old school soccer stars, do not take that as anything other than public airings of "I want that job". One would be a fool to imagine an MLS team would work with NASL Comos-type thinking.

What will happen in the front office is nothing, for now. Red Bull understands that this happened very fast and smartly will allow the front office and coaching staff to stay put and prove itself. But, Red Bull is also very experienced, smart and will be expecting the aforementioned existing staff to quickly acclimate themselves to the "Red Bull Way" of doing business.

Overall this is an amazingly good thing for MLS: Massive cash infusion, elevates the overall value of existing teams, allows the league to relieve AEG of its team load and adds another passionate owner and voice on the board. That new owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, is a billionaire that knows how to promote and has international soccer ownership experience. While it may be a harsh change for Metros fans, in the big picture it is something MLS will benefit from in spades.


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