Monday, October 02, 2006

Well, Hello Again...

From time to time there are reasons why I vanish, some of them I am sure you can imagine, and a few you probably can't. In any case, I will make it back eventually and start posting again. So I'm back with a little something that's been bugging me of late...

A couple of week's ago there was an article where it was mentioned that Chivas USA currently has a roster that puts the team way past the salary cap. Obviously that raises many questions. At first blush it made me think that maybe CUSA was getting away with something because of their ownership situation.

After a little research, I found that Chivas USA is well over because "Paco" Palencia is so far ahead as the league's top wage earner. Yet by league rule he only counts as the max, just like Freddie, Landon, Eddie, etc. So Chivas USA, or any other team for that matter, is not above the cap. At the same time, if you were to count the highest salary on the other teams as their real number (and not cap it as league rules dictate), then most teams would also be over the cap.

Also, saying CUSA was able to do something "in a manner no other team was able to" would be a misstatement of epic proportions. Any help they may be receiving this year pales in comparison to the help that the Galaxy, United, and especially the MetroStars have gotten in past years.

All of this leads me to two thoughts. One, it surely won't be that much longer until MLS finds a way to enact some version of the much talked about "Beckham Rule". In fact the Beckham to MLS rumor mill has heated up again with his recent benching and a couple typical reports in Europe that have once again dusted off the old quotes about the US.

Two, how much longer before we are all screaming about the-artist-formally-known-as-Metro and whatever method Red Bull is using to circumvent the same MLS cap and stacking a (finally) great team in New York?


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