Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hunt Divesting and Beckham Rule

Lamar Hunt has done a great deal for soccer in this country and should be thanked for all his contributions. The most recent of which is the year long search for a local owner in Kansas City to keep the Wizards there instead of letting them go to Philadelphia.

Hunt has discreetly let it be known in the right power circles that he is looking to sell one of his two remaining teams: Columbus Crew and FC Dallas. Which one is unclear at this point and even Hunt may not know which one he will move.

So what does that have to do with the so called "Beckham rule?" Simple, Hunt (or HSG) is the one who vetoed the Beckham rule at last year's Board of Governors meetings.

Now there is renewed discussion that the Beckham rule may be close to implementation. If the Beckham rule gets passed by the Governors you can rest assured it was because of two things. One, the Governors agreed to a specific dollar limitation that Hunt could sign off on; and two, Hunt has reduced his power on the Board by selling Kansas City and will reduce it even more with the sale of one of his two remaining teams.


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